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lomoyages - LondonTokyoHelsinki

Kevin Ellis, Aya Shimoda und Daniel Diemers

The art exhibition "lomoyages" introduces lomographic perspectives on urban life in three different cities: London, Tokyo, Helsinki. The three lomographers Kevin Ellis, Aya Shimoda and Daniel Diemers tried to capture the essence of the respective citys in 10 selected lomos each.

The three artists have chosen lomography as their way of expressing their statements, feedback and individual relationship to the urban structures around them. Lomography as the art of spontaneous, evolving color photography relies more on the eye, intuition, experience and quickness of the artists than on technological mastership or skillful construction and design of motives and contexts. Lomography consists of unorthodox "shoot-from-the-hip", "drive-by-shooting", "covert clicks" or almost stochastic techniques, but nevertheless often leads to amazing pictures and motives of high atmospherical density and considerable expressive messages.

To create an atmosphere of immersion, a soundtrack has been added. Composed of street noises and local sound pieces from the three cities, this plays quietly in the background.

The artist group behind "lomoyages" met for the first time at the London lomolympics in 2000. Since then the project was pursued independently in all three countries, while all communication and coordination between the three artists was based purely on virtual platforms.